Meguire Campbell, New York

Meguire Campbell, New York

on February 08, 2023

I just wanted to say thank you and and tell you how much I love your Pink Grapefruit and Rose scent, and how I came upon your brand.

My name is Meguire Campbell and I am from Brooklyn, New York.

10 years ago my husband and I went on an epic trip to New Zealand for our honeymoon. I purchased a bottle of your body oil at a very cute shop ( I forget the name) in Queenstown.

Days later we left of a 4 day, intense tramping trip in Gillespie Pass. Although we are skilled hikers (trampers), our route was very eroded and there were mudslides leading into treacherous waterfalls. It was rigorous and we thought we might actually die on a few occasions!!

We made it out alive and happy and the first thing I grabbed when I got back to our car, safe and sound and sweaty was my new Pink Grapefruit and Rose scent. I wore it all through our 2 week adventures exploring the beautiful north and south island. The scent is very reminiscent of a very happy time in my life. I re-ordered another bottle years later, and most recently re-ordered another 2 more bottles. I often use aromatherapy by using scents to dive into happier and calmer memories- or ones where I can draw strength or joy.   

It's been a trying time during lockdown in New York and I have really been tapping into my Nellie Tier Pink Grapefruit and Rose. I was so happy when they arrived in the mail yesterday.

Someday I will have to try some of the other scents. Wishing you all well. Just wanted to share my wacky story!

Kindest regards,

Meguire Campbell