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I have just purchased a Nellie Tier Face Cream. It has quite a strong smell, can you explain why?
Floral waters made from essential oils of Jasmine and Rose perfume our luxurious face cream - they contribute an anti-inflammatory and toning benefit.

I placed an order ten days ago and have not received it yet.
Unfortunately, courier delays are now a common occurrence. Staffing issues and illness have taken their toll of all companies. Where there is a hand on to a second delivery agent, a package may be incorrectly delivered as many deliveries are now "hands off" and automated. However, if you notify us, we will follow up and trace with our shipping hub.

I have just received my Nellie Tier order and some product is damaged. What should I do?
Firstly - contact us. Please send us an image(s) of product damage and any damage to the box or packaging. We will file a claim with our shipping hub. Once this is done, we will replace the spoiled product and send to you free of charge.

The Face Polish is an exceptional skincare! However, the last jar I bought is very runny and not the firmer texture I am used to.
We'd like to share that the slight variations in consistency from batch to batch are a testament to the natural ingredients we use. Variations in consistency across batches of products with all natural ingredients can occur due to factors like seasonal changes and harvesting conditions. Nature's uniqueness can bring about subtle differences, but rest assured, the effectiveness and benefits of our product remain consistently top-notch.

Over the years we have had many queries on why, as a natural skincare company, we still use polystyrene beads for packing.
The answer is - we are not! The lookalike lightweight peanuts are in fact POPSTARCH which is manufactured in NZ from wheat and corn starches. These are totally compostable and dissolve in water.

Do natural Nellie Tier products require extra care compared with products that contain alcohol and chemicals?
First and foremost: we use an eco certified preservative to effectively protect creams and lotions. So our skincare is very safe. However, it is important to remember that while natural skincare has additional benefits, it also requires a little extra consideration. It does not like extremes of heat because we do not use stabilisers as many commercial products do. And our creams may vary in colour and consistency at times depending on seasonal variations in ingredients but they are always the same hand blended product.

I recently bought one of your roll on scents. I have carried it in my handbag but was sad to find the glass vial broken recently and the scents spilled. Is there a way to package them differently to prevent breakage?
Our SCENTS are blended from essential oils - we need to us glass vials as plastic containers will degrade over time with contact. We check every vial when filling but due care is needed when SCENTS are carried in purses or bags.