Our perfect companion for exploring our own lovely country should be the Nellie Tier TRAVEL range – manageable 100ml sizes that will take your hair and body away journeying comfortably.



Nellie Tier is 100% New Zealand made and owned. Formulations for our luxurious natural skincare products are founded on the age old practices of phytotheraphy and aromatheraphy. We use the therapeutic properties of natural plants and their ability to heal, protect and nourish the skin.
Driven by the understanding that 60% of what goes on the skin - face, body and even hair and scalp - enters the bloodstream our entire skincare range has been developed free of any harmful chemicals including sulphates, synthetic ingredients and pre-made bases. Certified all natural botanical extracts, herbs and essential oils are sourced from around the world to ensure we have the best ingredients for purpose and that each bottle or jar is filled with natural goodness from nature’s pharmacy.





Body Lotion 250ml


Body Cream 400g


Body Wash 250ml


Hand Cream 120ml


Hydrating Mask 110g + Face Oil 50ml


Tier for Teens - MINISERIES


WASH - Lemon balm & White willow 130ml


Night Cream Intensive 60g


Moisturising Lotion 250ml


Face Cream 60g


Face Cleansing Oil 125ml


Lip Balm 15g


Dog Wash 500ml


Body Scrub 500g


Hand Lotion 300ml


Shorter Oxford Dictionary reads: a. 1613 ….made by hand as distinct from made by machinery

At Nellie Tier we have always made a feature of our hand blending and mixing processes that allow us to keep firm quality control over our skincare production. We are only too aware that not understanding the finesse of a product can result in a batch that will not pass our exacting standards. The German philosopher Kant called the hand "man’s outer brain". That sets the human hand apart from its animal ancestors with its unique ability to make tools that extend capabilities beyond those we are born with. To stretch the point - at Nellie Tier we are using the spoon and the whisk to extend the hand but retain its sensibility.

With hands as an extension of our brains we focus on adding value at every stage of making. That has always been a company philosophy.

We prepare our own infusions of herbs and extracts to enrich formulations and gather in the benefits of plant therapy. To take an example: for our Nellie Tier Baby Soothing Lotion we infuse almond and apricot kernel oil with calendula, chickweed and comfrey - all herbs known for their soothing and calming influence. The same infusion is used in distilled water for Tier for Teens SPRITZ our soothing and refreshing toner for troubled skin. For Baby Bottom Balm the infusions are of Lavender and Calendula. So the list continues as we add and refine to bring more value to our premium natural skincare.

During the making process our hands calculate exact temperatures for amalgamation, how to mix gently and thoughtfully and above all to concentrate on what is in front of us. It is the engagement of the brain that makes the difference to our hand blended ranges.

Every Nellie Tier product requires the human hand at each stage of making. Our opulent creams and unctuous soaps all come from the hand and eye involvement in their making. Even when we use hand operated fillers and mixers for larger quantities the hands are always in control.

The Hamsa – symbol of an open hand – can denote protection and good fortune and elevates the hand’s importance in many religions. At Nellie Tier those benevolent hands are an essential and integral part of bringing the best of natural skincare to you. We invite you to visit our ranges and experience the meaning of ‘hand blended’ for yourself!

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