Backpro Integrated Health Clinic

Backpro Integrated Health Clinic

on February 08, 2023

I was introduced to Nellie Tier liquid hand wash and lotion by one of my patients who saw the condition of my hands.

 As a healthcare professional, I have to have my hands as clean as possible. Hand dermatitis is quite common among healthcare providers as we wash our hands all the time. The frequent use of an alcohol based- hand sanitiser, traditional soap and water, latex gloves and rough paper towels irritate our hands resulting in dryness, discomfort, inflammation and irritations, leaving random red patches on my hands. This can be worse depending on the temperature.

Before I started using Nellie Tier, I googled to check its components and found many of them are from natural products. I began using Nellie Tier liquid hand wash and lotion in March and noticed that my hands stayed comfortable throughout the workday. I have been using Nellie Tier for six months now and am so happy to have finally found a hand wash and lotion which can protect my hands from irritation and dryness. 

 Clinical Director

Chulhwan Kim