Hydrator vs Moisturiser


on February 07, 2023

While loving the benefits of summer days we also need to look at the negative impact of summer heat: more time spent out of doors and more exposure to sun and drying, warm wind.

Certainly we all understand the importance of protection from the elements. However when looking for options the terms - hydrator/moisturiser - are often treated as interchangeable but do in fact differ in the way they interact with our skin.

An encyclopedia will tell us a HYDRATOR draws moisture into skin cells and is often referred to as a humectant Drinking water regularly is a great first step here - also ensuring you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. But to maximise your skin feeling plumped and supple, we suggest adding in Nellie Tier Face Serum where the small molecular size of the ingredients allows penetration into the deeper layers of the epidermis. It delivers concentrated nutrients that replenish moisture, promote elasticity, stimulate cell renewal and support the skins natural ability to repair. It will suit every skin type.

A MOISTURISER is natural partner to a hydrator – it creates a barrier on the skin’s surface sealing in hydration and smoothing the skin – we call it an emollient. When selecting a moisturiser, it is important to know your skin type: seed butters and waxes are more beneficial for extremely dry skin, natural oils are a lighter option and suit all skin types. You should find one to suit your needs in the Nellie Tier Face range or contact us for advice. We love to hear from you !

Prepare your skin well. Hydrate, moisturise!