After a long hot summer we are understandably reluctant to pull out our merino undies but do it we must.  At the same time the arrival of winter brings promise of its own enjoyments:   a long soak in the bath, leisurely meals with family and friends and cosy evenings with a good book or a favourite movie

For our special offers this week we have the spotlight on winter wellness.

Our Winter Wellness Bath Salts were designed by a long time staff member and have an invigorating smell that promises a state of being that is healthy and positive.  Into the mix we are adding our antibacterial Hand Wash as with winter come the accompanying chills and ills and continuing story of COVID

Handwashing and hand care continue to be all important so stock your bathroom shelf with our end of May specials and keep yourself safe, nourished, and deliciously perfumed with our unique Nellie Tier blends

 WINTER WELL NESS prices reflect approximately 20% saving on retail

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