Dog Detangler 300ml
Dog Detangler 300ml

    Dog Detangler 300ml

    Luxurious conditioning mist for a gleaming ,fresh smelling coat
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    About the Product
    Skin.Type All skin types
    Texture Gel

    PHOEBE & FITZ is paraben and sodium lauryl sulphate free. It contains no mineral oil or artificial colourings, no synthetic fragrances and no animal derived ingredients. We use an eco-certified preservative. PHOEBE & FITZ has been tested extensively on our own pets and is hand-made in our own premises.
    A natural PH balanced mist that has been formulated to both condition and help detangle your dogs coat. Botanical extracts have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and a fresh smelling blend of pure essential oil has been added as a flea deterrent.


      Red Clover: boosts circulation helping to clear skin conditions such as eczema. As an anti inflammatory it can relieve arthritis. Contributes to general coat health.
      Horsetail Extract: has anti bacterial and antimicrobial properties that assist in healing. It also contains collagen which acts as a skin conditioner.
      Kowhai Extract: Kowhai Extract: Kowhai was used topically by Māori as a herbal remedy for itchy skin, abrasions and musculoskeletal aches and pains.
      Vitamin B: anti oxidant.
      Vitamin E: anti inflammatory.
      Daikon Radish Extract: a natural emollient that adds to the ease of application.
      Cedarwood and Lavender Essential Oils: these have a calming and relaxing effect – on both your dog’s mood as well as its skin.  The cedarwood oil can also act as a safe mild deterrent for fleas and other pests.


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