Dog Wash 500ml
Dog Wash 500ml
Dog Wash 500ml

    Dog Wash 500ml

    Botanical extracts combat irritation in a PH balanced wash
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    About the Product
    Skin.Type All skin types
    Texture Mist

    PHOEBE & FITZ is paraben and sodium lauryl sulphate free. It contains no mineral oil or artificial colourings, no synthetic fragrances and no animal derived ingredients. We use an eco-certified preservative. PHOEBE & FITZ has been tested extensively on our own pets and is hand-made in our own premises.
    This natural, low sudsing and PH balanced dog wash using aloe vera and honey has been formulated to clean and soothe the skin and leave your dog's coat soft and shining. Botanical extracts have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and a fresh smelling blend of pure essential oil has been added as a flea deterrent. Directions: Shampoo your pet, massage to a creamy lather and rinse thoroughly.


      Red Clover: boosts circulation which in turn helps to clear skin conditions such as eczema. As an anti-inflammatory it can relieve arthritis. Also contributes to general coat health
      Kowhai Extract: Kowhai was used topically by Māori as a herbal remedy for itchy skin, abrasions and musculoskeletal aches and pains.
      Aloe Vera Gel: a super moisturising and anti inflammatory gel that calms and soothes irritation
      New Zealand Manuka Honey: this fabulous honey balances skin ph and helps slough away dead cell debris to keep skin clean. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
      Cedarwood and Lavender Essential Oils: these have a calming and relaxing effect – on both your dog’s mood as well as its skin.  The cedarwood oil can also act as a safe mild deterrent for fleas and other pests


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