Scent - Neroli & Rosewood
Scent - Neroli & Rosewood

    Scent - Neroli & Rosewood

    Sensational natural scent blended from pure essential oils
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    NELLIE TIER SCENTS ARE 100% NATURAL - Our scents contain no chemicals or toxins that can cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage.

    Who needs a sixth sense when you have a library of Nellie Tier natural scents to draw from:  seven essential oil blends, one for each day of the week, and to suit your mood.  Formulated in a base of jojoba oil, they offer a super gentle application originally developed for a dear friend undergoing medical treatment. They contain no alcohol or chemicals, and dispense from a roll on vial which lodges easily in your handbag. They layer perfectly making it possible to create a personalised scent wardrobe according to your mood!

    Green Tea and Geranium:   Gentle classic for every day

    May Chang and Mandarin: Citrus favourite, sweet and lemony

    Pink Grapefruit and Rose: The original scent blend, calming with floral depth

    Ylang Ylang and Bergamot:  Rich and exotic floral

    Neroli and Rosewood: Green notes, warm and woody floral

    Coriander and Bergamot: Calming blend with herbal depth

    Vetiver and Jasmine: Intense mix with sweet and smoky note

    These natural botanically based perfumes are not only kind to your skin and those around you, but to the environment too. Unlike many commercial perfumes, they contain no petrochemicals or alcohol.

    Our scents not only smell delightful but also encourage emotional and physical benefits offered by aromatherapy.  The base oil, jojoba, absorbs deeply and allows slower and deeper scent saturation.   Lean back, close your eyes and go to another place with your Nellie Tier choice of the day ………….

    Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, Pure Essential Oil Blend


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